Commission Members

The George Washington Regional Commission members are appointed by the respective governing bodies. Each county and city governing body appoints two elected officials to sit on the GWRC Board.  The Commissioners serve a term that is coincident with their elected term of office.


Caroline County

  • The Honorable Jeffrey S. Black, Second Vice Chairman
    Board of Supervisors, Western Caroline District
  • The Honorable Nancy Long
    Board of Supervisors, Port Royal District


City of Fredericksburg

  • The Honorable Matthew J. Kelly, Treasurer
    City Council, At-Large
  • The Honorable William C. Withers
    City Council, Vice Mayor, Ward 2
  • Alternate TBA


King George County

  • The Honorable Ruby Brabo, First Vice Chairman
    Board of Supervisors, At-Large
  • The Honorable John Jenkins, Jr.
    Board of Supervisors, Dahlgren District


Spotsylvania County

  • The Honorable Timothy J. McLaughlin, Chairman
    Board of Supervisors, Chancellor District
  • The Honorable David Ross
    Board of Supervisors, Courtland District
  • The Honorable Chris Yakabouski (Alternate)
    Board of Supervisors, Battlefield District
  • The Honorable Paul Trampe (Alternate)
    Board of Supervisors, Salem District

Stafford County

  • The Honorable Meg Bohmke, Secretary
    Board of Supervisors, Falmouth District
  • The Honorable Tom Coen
    Board of Supervisors, George Washington District
  • The Honorable Mark Dudenhefer (Alternate)
    Board of Supervisors, Garrisonville District 
  • The Honorable Wendy Maurer (Alternate)
    Board of Supervisors, Rock Hill District