Good Jobs Here

Good Jobs Here is a broad-based effort to create, measure, execute, and foster economic growth and job creation in the Fredericksburg region. Utilizing a GO Virginia grant, GWRC has partnered with leading local organizations to create a shared understanding of current data, analysis, strengths and opportunities for this region.

Next Stakeholder Meeting

Friday November 13, 2020
9:00-11:00 am
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You are invited to attend the next session of Good Jobs Here! We will revisit the original report, discuss if it is still relevant and what changes need to be made, examine the goals within the report, and determine the next steps to accomplish these goals.

We encourage you to look over the original Good Jobs Here Report (below). Come prepared with ideas on how your organization already contributes to the goals outlined in the report below and what you believe we could/should do to take our region to the next level.

Strategic Plan

In late 2019 and early 2020, GWRC undertook a strategic planning process to develop the Good Jobs Here Strategic Plan. GWRC and the Fredericksburg Regional Alliance (FRA) served as the backbone organization to identify and engage stakeholders, define the common goal, develop success metrics and tracking/reporting procedures, promote coordination of activities, and provide a forum for collaboration. We engaged stakeholders in three community events, detailed below. The resulting vision, goals, and full plan are below.

Vision: Through regional collaboration we will prepare and care for a diversified, skilled workforce that meets 21st century employer needs and is attractive to businesses and industries.

1. Create a strong and unique regional community identity.
2. Support existing and future businesses.
3. Increase vocational education and skilled trade capacity.
4. Support a good quality of life for our workforce.

Full Strategic Plan

Past Events

In the Fall of 2019, Good Jobs Here held three events to discuss and determine how to bring good jobs to the region. These events examined how to create a community-based, region-wide plan to offer measurable strategic goals to create good jobs here.

Good Jobs Here Flyer

1. Demographic Demolition: How a changing population is blowing up how we do business
This session featured Dr. Jim Johnson with the University of North Carolina School of Business. Dr. Johnson is frequently called upon for his analysis and entertaining but poignant presentations by Fortune 500 Companies, the National Conference of State Legislators, Governing Magazine, and Chambers across the country. He discussed disruptive demographic trends and how they will impact our future workforce nationwide, but also in the region. Agenda | Presentation: Six Disruptive Demographics

2. Understanding the Region: Who are we and what are our opportunities?
This session looked at some of the key demographics and opportunities related specifically to Planning District 16. This included a look at never before developed data on our workforce, including those who commute, and some unique opportunities we have as a region to develop and grow economically. It also included a special look at the portions of our population that are working but struggling, so we can be sure to include this population in our long terms plans for success. Agenda | Presentation: Commuter Workforce Study | 2019 Fredericksburg Region Commuter Workforce Skills Study | Presentation: ALICE | Strengths & Challenges

3. Regions that Work: Learning from Others and Putting it All Together for Success!
In this session, we brought in other regions that have successfully joined together to foster greater economic growth that successfully harnesses what makes them unique. Then we gathered all that we had learned in the three sessions, and turned it into a common set of community-wide goals, with a special view as to how each individual and organization can best contribute to our economic success from our areas of strength and expertise. Agenda | Presentation: Economic Development Plans | Panel Discussion: Regions That Work