Coastal Zone Management

Regional Environmental Managers Technical Committee

GWRC provides staff support to the Regional Environmental Managers Technical Committee, which is made up of local environmental planners, MS4/stormwater program managers/staff, development review personnel, Rappahannock River Basin Commission, and Soil & Water Conservation Districts, Friends of the Rappahannock, and other stakeholders. This group meets quarterly to discuss topics of mutual interest including any new or revised regulatory changes, best practices, and other matters important to the group. This group has been effective in facilitating and propagating the latest changes in the stormwater regulations and best practices.

Environmental Strategic Plan

GWRC is working with regional stakeholders to develop a multi-year strategic plan for coastal zone management that aligns with the goals and focus areas of the Virginia Coastal Zone Management Program and responds to the needs of our local jurisdictions. The plan identifies and prioritizes planning, design, construction, and outreach projects to provide a strategic direction for future CZM and other grants. Creating new partnerships and strengthen existing partnerships is aligning programs across the community, creating co-benefits, and making community leaders and local government leadership more aware of the opportunities available to the region when we partner on our most challenging environmental issues.