GWRC’s Regional Resiliency Group

The Regional Resiliency Group is a deliverable of the GWRC Coastal Zone Management (CZM) grant. To learn more about Coastal Zone Management, visit this webpage.

2024 Meetings

March 19, 2024 – Presentation, Recording, Minutes

2023 Meetings

March 21, 2023- Presentation, Recording, Minutes

June 20, 203- Presentation, Minutes

September 19, 2023- Presentation, Minutes, Recording

December 19, 2023 – Presentation, Minutes, Recording

2021 Resiliency Plan (not adopted)

This Resilience plan was developed in 2021 by the George Washington Regional Commission (GWRC), with support from the Berkley Group, and seeks to increase resiliency across the GWRC region by addressing threats to human life and property from flooding, severe weather, and other natural events. While resiliency considerations and priorities for every locality within the region will differ, as will the capacity to address them, planning for regional resiliency can help reduce future disaster related response and recovery cost.

This plan has not been adopted by the GWRC Board, but can be drawn upon to develop local resilience plans or for other project needs.

Full GWRC Resilience Plan