Regional Housing Assembly

Planning District Commission Housing Development Program

In 2021, Virginia Housing announced the availability of $40 million dollars for the Planning District Commission (PDC) Housing Development Program to support PDCs as intermediaries to:

  • Promote regional approaches to housing project/program planning and development
  • Enhance collaboration between regional and local organizations comprising the housing delivery network
  • Strengthen PDC capacity to address housing opportunities identified in state studies/reviews as well as the Virginia Housing Strategic Plan: Opportunity 2024.

The George Washington Regional Commission received $2 million to develop 20 affordable units within the region. This program is a thirty-six (36) month intensive process that focuses on each PDC reaching definitive milestones to produce the development of single-family and/or multifamily affordable housing units. Once the development of these units is complete, homes must remain affordable to individuals or families whose incomes do not exceed 80% of Area Median Income (AMI). Mixed use developments must designate at least 60% of its square footage for housing. 100% of homeownership and/or rental developments must be used for housing. The awards are based on the PDC’s readiness to complete the project and availability of Virginia Housing funding.

2024 Awards