Opening Remarks from Congresswoman Abigail Spanberger

Keynote Speaker Brian Koziol

Brian Koziol Keynote Slides

Intersection of Housing and Community Health

Speakers: Sandra Serna, Virginia Department of Health; Theron Stinar, Fredericksburg Christian Health Center; Teresa Bowers, Micah Ministries

Moderators: Ellen Justesen and Allison Balmes-John, RAHD

A panel conversation focused on the relationship between housing and health and how affordable and attainable housing provides equitable opportunity for people to thrive.

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Workforce Housing

Speakers: Megan Samples, Fredericksburg Mainstreet; Sandra Osborn, Stafford County Schools; Rebecca Towery, Proposed Academy of Technology and Innovation University of Mary Washington

Panelists will examine the impact of housing in their respective industries, discussing the importance of housing in attracting and retaining staff, on overall staff wellbeing, and the importance of having a workforce who is able to live in the communities in which they work.

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Preserving Affordable Housing Stock 

Speakers: James Roberson, 516 Project; Bailey Thompson, City of Fredericksburg; Sandra Powell, DHCD

Moderator: Chip Boyles, George Washington Regional Commission

Panelists will provide insight from their perspectives on how they have been able to find creative solutions and funding sources to preserve the affordable housing stock in our area. This panel includes rural, urban and state perspectives on the topic.

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Lunch Plenary: Johnathan Knopf, Housing Forward Virginia

Challenges for Builders and Developers

Speakers: Jeh Hicks, Jarrell Properties; Dan Sandoval, Republic Home Builders; Mike Jones, Tricord

Moderator: Mark Snesavage, Fredericksburg Area Builders Association

Perceptions, realities, and solutions. Panelists will discuss the current challenges builders and developers face in trying to build affordable housing. They will also delineate public perception vs realities of the development and building process of a home. Finally, panelists will offer potential solutions to address the affordability issue within our community.


Senior and Disabled Housing

Speakers: Pat Holland, Healthy Generations Area Agency on Aging; Debra Fults, disAbility Resource Center

Moderator: Meghann Cotter, Micah Ministries

This panel will discuss the current environment of senior and disabled housing, including the unique needs of the population and the challenges of finding accessible and affordable housing. Panel will also discuss some of the proposed solutions that would help ensure that the population has a safe place to call home.

Senior and Disabled Housing Presentation


Attainable Housing in Rural Communities

Speakers: Jason Tickle, Caroline County Habitat for Humanity; Jeanie Barbrow, USDA Rural Housing

Moderator: Mark Gaines, Town of Bowling Green

A panel conversation on how affordable housing can be developed in rural communities. Hear experience from one of the area’s leading rural affordable housing developers as well as the resources and financing options that are available through the USDA to make it happen.

PD 16 Housing Conference – Caroline HFH


Housing and Competitiveness: How Affordable Housing Affects Business Attraction and Growth

Speakers: Kim McClellan, Fredericksburg Area Association of Realtors; Todd Gillingham, Fredericksburg Regional Alliance; Tyler Carroll, Virginia Economic Development Partnership

Moderator: Ian Ginger, George Washington Regional Commission

The lack of affordable housing costs the US economy trillions in productivity every year. This panel will take a deep dive into the relationship between housing and economic development in the region with a particular focus on our ability to attract, retain, and grow businesses.

Regional Housing Summit Economic Development Presentation

Military Housing

Speakers: Chris Landgraf, Quantico; Mike Hubbard, Fredericksburg Regional Military Affairs Council

Moderator: Sue Armstrong, Virginia Housing

Panelist will discuss the current challenges facing our area military installments in providing housing for both military and civilian employees. Panelist will provide possible solutions needed to address these concerns through strong partnerships between the military and surrounding localities.