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The George Washington Regional Commission (GWRC) has had an ongoing Regional Planning Program since the mid-1960s. Because the Code of Virginia assigns zoning and subdivision authority exclusively to local governments, the purpose of GWRC’s Regional Planning Program is both to support those efforts by providing technical support and data resources to our member localities, and to work with our members to establish a vision for the Region as a whole. The Commission also monitors local land-use decisions and development to better understand how local planning policies (both inside and outside of Planning District 16) impact neighboring localities and the Region.  The GWRC has expertise in demographic analysis, geographic information systems, modeling, comprehensive planning, visioning, cultural and historical resource assessment and many other skills.

Coastal Zone Management – GWRC provides staff support to the Regional Stormwater Managers Technical Committee, which is made up of local environmental planners, MS4/stormwater program managers/staff and/or planning directors, development review personnel, Rappahannock River Basin Commission and Soil & Water Conservation Districts, and Friends of the Rappahannock.  More…

The Virginia Initiative for Growth and Opportunity in each Region, known as GO Virginia, is a statewide initiative to create more higher-paying jobs in Virginia through business-led regional collaboration.  More…

Plant Central Rapp Natives is a marketing campaign of a coalition of non-profit, governmental, and private partners, all working to reverse the decline of native plants and wildlife in Planning District 16.  More…

The George Washington Regional Commission serves as lead agency for the Fredericksburg Regional Continuum of Care (CoC), a network of  non-profits, local governments, and other community partners working together to prevent and end homelessness within Planning District 16.  More…

The George Washington Regional Commission hosted a Jurisdiction Supported Composting Efforts Best Practices and Opportunities Conference on August 21, 2018. Below is the group feedback and presentations.

Composting in U.S. and Virginia – Mr. Craig S. Coker, Coker Composting & Consulting

Spotsylvania’s Livingston Landfill: A Local Case Study – Mr. Doug Crooks, Spotsylvania County Utilities 

City of Falls Church’s Curbside Food Waste Program – Chris McGogh, City of Falls Church

Jurisdiction Supported Composting Efforts: Arlington County’s Experience – Phil Bresee, Arlington County Solid Waste Bureau

Doing it Right: The Path To Success –  Doug Ross, Freestate Farms LLC

Group Feedback from Next-Steps Discussions

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