Environmental Services

Coastal Zone Management

Regional Stormwater Managers Technical Committee

GWRC provides staff support to the Regional Stormwater Managers Technical Committee, which is made up of local environmental planners, MS4/stormwater program managers/staff and/or planning directors, development review personnel, Rappahannock River Basin Commission and Soil & Water Conservation Districts, and Friends of the Rappahannock. This group meets quarterly to discuss topics of mutual interest including any new or revised regulatory changes, best practices, and other matters important to the group. This group has been effective in facilitating and propagating the latest changes in the stormwater regulations and best practices.

Best Management Practice Signage

Increasing public awareness about the importance of stormwater management and the environmental value provided by stormwater best management practices (BMPs) is a critical component of a successful stormwater management program. The George Washington region has numerous stormwater BMP facilities which help to reduce stormwater runoff and pollutant loads to local waterways. This project will enhance stormwater education initiatives in the region through the development of BMP sign designs that identify the location and type of stormwater BMP, describe the environmental benefits provided, and detail information about local water quality and the Chesapeake Bay. Signs will also provide recommendations citizens can implement in their daily activities to minimize their impact on stormwater pollution.


Plant Central Rappahannock Natives Campaign






Plant Central Rapp Natives is a marketing campaign of a coalition of non-profit, governmental, and private partners, all working to reverse the decline of native plants and wildlife in Planning District 16. Visit the campaign website for more information.