Intergovernmental Reviews and Notices

Planning District/Regional Commissions are the designated point of contact for the Commonwealth’s Intergovernmental Review process as defined by Presidential Executive Order 12372 giving local review of proposed federal financial assistance and direct federal development. Regional Commissions provide vital regional input and feedback on proposed plans for a host of other agencies and entities. Public projects funded wholly or partially with federal funds are provided for public comment by notice to PDC’s and Regional Commissions.

11/16/2022 VDEQ Withdrawal of Groundwater in Hanover County Letter of Support

11/3/2022 VDEQ Federal Consistency Certification – Hazel Run Glen, Spotsylvania County, VA

11/3/2022 VDEQ Federal Consistency Certification – Kalahari Resort and Conventions, Spotsylvania County, VA

10/24/2022 VDEQ Ground Water Withdrawal James City County, VA

10/4/2022 VDH Division of Shellfish Safety Closure Rescinded

10/3/2022 VDH Division of Shellfish Safety Closure Notice

9/22/2022 VADEQ CZMA Consistency Certification Hazel Run Glen, Spotsylvania County

9/16/2022 VADEQ CZMA Consistency Certification Kalahari Resort and Conventions, Spotsylvania County

8/31/2022 VADEQ Virginia Water Protection Permit, Melrod, Stafford County

8/31/2022 VADEQ Environmental Impact Report Project Harmony, Virginia Dept. of Conservation and Recreation, King George County

8/23/2022 VADEQ CBIG V Application for Federal Grant

8/17/2022 VADEQ Permit Culpeper Wood Preservers – Ruffin Creek facility Spotsylvania County

8/10/2022 VADEQ CZMA Consistency Certification Overview Drive Spotsylvania County

8/10/2022 VADEQ VPA Permit Livingston’s Blend Compost Facility Spotsylvania County

8/9/2022 VADEQ – PPG FY23-25 Grant Application

8/9/2022 VADEQ – CAM IIJA Capacity Building Grant Application

8/8/2022 VADEQ Scoping Request FRED Fiber Installation Project City of Fredericksburg

8/03/2022 VADEQ Federal Consistency Certification Ladysmith Retail Pad Site Caroline County

7/26/2022 VADEQ Proposed Draft Groundwater Withdrawal Permit Town of Waverly

7/18/2022 VADEQ Environmental Permit Love’s Travel Stop Caroline County.

7/15/2022  VADEQ Environmental Impact Review Project Harmony King George County

7/12/2022 VADEQ Environmental permit Caroline County

7/1/2022 VADEQ Environmental Permit Fort A.P. Hill Caroline County

6/29/2022 VADEQ Federal Grant Applications: 319(h), ARPA Sec 103, NATTS, Leaking Underground Storage Tank Program 

6/28/2022 VADEQ CZM Application

6/22/2022 HUD CZM Review Mainline Apartments Stafford County

6/22/2022 VDOT Fredericksburg Express Lanes Chemical Storage Buildings Stafford County

6/10/2022 VADEQ Federal Grant Application Hidden Lane Landfill

6/8/2022 VADEQ Proposed Groundwater Withdrawal Permit Northampton County

6/6/2022 VADEQ Federal Consistency Determination US EDA Project Spotsylvania County

6/2/2022 VADEQ Wastewater Permit Caroline County

6/1/2022 VADEQ Proposed Groundwater Withdrawal Permit James City County, VA

5/6/2022 VDH Shellfish Closure Upper Machodoc Creek

5/2/2022 VDH Shellfish Closure Rosier Creek

4/28/2022 VADEQ Federal Grant Application 2022-24 DSMOA

4/7/2022 Public Notice Notification for a Proposed Groundwater Withdrawal Permit – Surry, VA

4/4/2022 VADEQ – Sewer Overflow and Stormwater Reuse Municipal Grants Program