Rural Transportation Planning

The Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) allocates part of its State Planning and Research (SPR) funding to provide annual transportation planning assistance for non-urbanized areas within the Commonwealth. The Rural Transportation Planning (RTP) Program was created to aid the State in fulfilling the requirements of the State Planning Process to address the transportation needs of non-metropolitan areas.

Recent Scopes of Work

Each year GWRC develops a scope of work, which includes specific activities as requested by VDOT and/or the Federal Highway Administration as well as activities or studies addressing other transportation planning related issues that may be of specific interest to the region.

FY24 Rural Transportation Work Program

FY23 Rural Transportation Work Program

FY22 Rural Transportation Work Program

FY21 Rural Transportation Work Program

FY20 Rural Transportation Work Program

Recent Work Products

Transportation Element of the Caroline County Comprehensive Plan

King George Courthouse Bike and Pedestrian Plan

Ladysmith Bike and Pedestrian Small Area Plan

2050 Rural Long Range Transportation Plan

Bowling Green Transportation Small Area Plan

King George Transportation Needs Study