Requests for Proposals

GWRideConnect Marketing & Advertising Services

The George Washington Regional Commission sought proposals to establish one or more contract(s) through competitive negotiation with one or more qualified source(s) to provide nonprofessional services, as described within the Request for Proposals (RFP) below, for marketing and advertising services for the GWRideConnect program.

GWRideConnect Marketing & Advertising Services RFP

Notice of Intent to Award: GWRC intends to award this contract to Rambletype LLC, pending approval by the GWRC Board.

Below are answers to questions that GWRC received about this RFP:

Q: Are there any provisions for Small, Woman-owned or Minority businesses for this contract?

A: Per page 7 of the GWRideConnect Marketing & Advertising Services RFP, Small, Women-Owned, and Minority-Owned Business Participation is one of the scoring criteria.

Q: Roughly, how many applications are submitted each year/quarter/month?

A: Prior to COVID-19, we averaged about 100 applications per month.

Q: How are you currently raising awareness for the TDM program?

A: We placed all paid advertising and outreach on hold for COVID-19. We have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn for social media. In the past, we have used Google advertising, Facebook advertising, and radio advertising. We also had a successful YouTube commercial campaign. We do very little print advertising.

Q: Currently, what is the most common way commuters find out about your service? Is there a preferred method over others?

A: The most common way is via Google search. We would like to keep/reclaim the top organic search results for Google. We try to drive traffic to our website through our advertising.

Q: Can past advertising materials be made available to potential vendors for reference?

A: Please see our social media accounts and YouTube videos for our most recent advertising examples.

Q: Is your website the main digital destination hub for traffic coming from your advertising?

A: Yes.

Q: How do you track commuters’ usage of alternative driving methods?

A: We do follow-up surveys, but further tracking is done through our ride matching software. We are working with the state to launch a new ride matching app, hopefully in the coming months, that will allow commuters to track their modes of transportation for incentives.

Q: Does the stated budget ($120,000) in the RFP include the media budget/spend or is that amount separate? If separate, is there a rough estimate for the media budget?

A: The $120,000 budget is all-inclusive.

Q: Aside from the $20,000 reserved for vanpool promotion, are there additional expense requirements needed to be met using the $120,000 budget?

A: No.

Q: What type of contract (e.g. Firm Fixed Price, Time & Materials, Cost Plus Fixed Fee, etc.) will be awarded?

A: In the past, we have paid actual costs for advertising (i.e. through Google, Facebook, etc.) and a fixed price for any consultant services.

FAMPO On-Call Professional Transportation Planning Services

FAMPO is seeking an on-call transportation planning consultant. A detailed scope will be determined per individual task order issued from time to time within the contract period. Examples of tasks include performing technical and financial analysis to support regional long-range plan development, scenario planning analysis, travel demand modeling, and conducting performance measurements on regional transportation services, to name a few.

All documents related to this request for proposals (RFP) are available here: